From The TriCounty WatchDogs

If you breathe, drink water, or drive a car on The Mountain, we hope you will consider supporting the work of the Watchdogs. We are local people–from Gorman to Pine Mountain Club–who are working to preserve the quality of life we enjoy here in the communities where we live.

We are concerned about our water supply, air pollution, our cultural and historical heritage, our economic opportunities, and approaching sprawl.

The Watchdogs try to inform themselves and fight to avoid the worst of the land use projects that could overwhelm our communities and way of life. To benefit all of us in the mountain communities, this what the Watchdogs have been doing:

  • When our water supply was at stake we sued and won against a development called Fallingstar Estates, which proposed to build 500 new homes near our local high school in Lebec.
  • We have written comment letters and attended public hearings to lessen the encroachment of Centennial, a new city of 23,000 homes soon to be built on Tejon Ranch land. Centennial will negatively impact our air quality, water quality and availability, traffic, and cultural resources.
  • We have drawn attention to the deplorable conditions of the Frazier Park Community bathrooms and been promised action.
  • We contributed strongly to the action that restored the name Cerro Noroeste to our local mountain and road.
  • We participate in Kern County’s Keep our Roads Clean project, adopting a two-mile stretch of local roadway.
  • We do regular clean ups at Quail Lake where no one is responsible to take away the trash.
  • We are an all-volunteer organization and could do so much more to sustain our quality of life here with a gift from you or with your participation at our monthly meetings over an early lunch at La Sierra Restaurant in Frazier Park.

All donations are tax deductible. You can mail donations to the TriCounty Watchdogs at PO Box 6407, Pine Mountain Club, 93222. Or you can visit our website at http://www.tricountywatchdogs.org and donate through our Paypal link.


Mar Preston. Katherine King, Dee Dominguez, Rose Bryan, Leslie Bricker
Members of the Executive Board

We are a 501c3 non profit. Our mission is to protect natural and cultural resources, and promote ecotourism and responsible growth in the Frazier Mountain Communities. We formed TriCounty Watchdogs, a local grassroots organization based in the Frazier park area, to respond to the long shadow of approaching sprawl, concern about our water supply, air quality, our cultural and historical heritage, economic opportunities, and the neglect of our area by the counties and state.

Our Website is still under construction. Please stay tuned.

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